Shop with a Purpose.  Buy only the items that you see benefiting from.  Keep only the pieces you love and wear. 

You may see this as a contradiction: it's HC's business to sell clothes, so why are we asking our community to consider to purchase less and not more?  We are a clothier, but we do not believe in consuming in excess.  That said, clothing we wear plays a role in representing ourselves to others so it's important to wear pieces that say who we are.  Here’s what we believe:  Buy only what you need, and live freely from any excess burden of material possessions.  Shop only when necessary, and save your time, effort and money (from shopping without a need) towards meaningful purposes.

Today’s technology makes it possible for us to reach a wider community across different cities and continents.  The value of “Shop with a purpose”, lies in the fact that, individually, one may be conscious about purchasing fewer pieces, but with an expanded base around the world, this model still works, benefiting us and you.  May we count you in?  Do you shop with a purpose?  

Browse our collection and spread the word to those who believe.  Shop with a Purpose.  

With love,

S & J


About us:

Handsome Comely is a design studio based in sunny Los Angeles, California. Carefully attended to by a designer duo and a small dedicated team of collaborators who bring together their knowledge in clothes-making and craftsmanship, HC Studio makes pieces in limited quantities to fortify the spirit of individuality and personal style.  

We run a tight ship here at HC Studio, and so do our best to work efficiently and productively.  We work hard to sharpen our craftsmanship and keep our creative fire going, and appreciate the support that our families, friends, collaborators, and loyal clients have given us throughout the years.

We are devoted to creating styles in which one feels comfortably moving about from day to night, and designs that let her personality shine through. Our goal is to make and curate wearable pieces that one would reach for in her wardrobe time after time.


We'd love to hear from you.  Write us at Handsome Comely, P O Box 64463, Los Angeles, CA 90064.  Click here to send us a message.